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The Scholarship Committee comprising of senior faculty and the Principal is constituted for the smooth functioning of student scholarship. Various government and non-government scholarships are provided to the beneficiaries. All government scholarships are directly credited to beneficiaries’ bank account in the recent years. The following non-government scholarships are being provided regularly to the beneficiaries.

  1. 1. Dr. Vinod and Chandrashekhar Shetty Foundation, Kaup
  2. 2. All Cargo Logistics Limited, Mumbai
  3. 3. MSRS College Alumni Association, Mumbai
  4. 4. Sri Ram Charitable Trust, Mudradi
  5. 5. Sulthan Chand Dropadi Devi Scholarship
  6. 6. Bunts Sangha Madikeri and Mysore
  7. 7. Sitaram Jindal Foundation, Bangalore
  8. 8. Alumnus Ronald Andrade

Apart from these, various other philanthropers and alumni provide a number of scholarships to students on need basis. The following parameters are considered for the selection of beneficiaries.

  • 1. Applications are invited in the beginning of the academic year.
  • 2. Poor merit based students are shortlisted and finalised by the committee after interviewing the students.
  • 3. Scholarship is renewed for three consecutive years if the student passes in all the subjects. If the student is not promoted in the university examinations to the next higher class, the sholarship gets cancelled and allotted to other deserving candidate/s of that class.
  • 4. Acquittance shall be maintained for all non-government scholarships on the disbursement.