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Mid-Day Meal

Mid-Day Meal Scheme is introduced by M.S.R.S College Alumni Association, Mumbai and is wholly sponsored by the association to cater to the needs of poor and deserving students. The institution provides mid-day meals to students on all working days. The following parameters are considered while selecting the beneficiaries which are discussed and approved in Alumni meeting:

  • 1. Mid-Day Meal Committee is set up consisting of senior faculty members and student representatives.
  • 2. Fresh and renewal applications are invited in the beginning of the academic year.
  • 3. Maximum beneficiary limit is flexible to include more number of beneficiaries.
  • 4. To inculcate good food habits and avoid wastage of food, a nominal fee of Rs.5 per meal is charged which is not a must.
  • 5. Food quality and hygiene is regularly monitored by the committee.
  • 6. Grievances are attended on priority basis and redressed. 
  • 7. Annual statement of accounts is provided to Alumni Association.

Mid - Day Meal Account Details