The college has a good Library with not only sufficient number of books but also with rare collections. At present there are 8797 volumes.

Library Rules:    

  1. The Library will be kept open from 9-00 a.m. to 5-00 p.m. on all working days including vacations.
  2. Application for books should be made in the requisition slip provided to the students. Books will be issued only on producing the Identity Card and the Borrower’s Ticket.
  3. Only two books will be in the possession of a student at a time. The books must be returned within a week. A fine of ten paisa per day will be imposed thereafter.
  4. Students should not write anything or make any mark in the books. A student is expected to examine the book he / she receives, and report if any damage is found already. Otherwise he / she shall be held responsible for any damage that may be detected later.
  5. Students are expected to observe perfect silence in the Reading Room. They should handle magazine, news, paper ect. very carefully.

Book Banks:   
            The following Book Banks have been established in the College Library for the use of poor students coming from the rural areas.

Details  of  Book  Bank  established  in  the  College  Library:

  1. K.P. Ramanna Shetty And Ammani R. Shetty, Trust, Bangalore
  2. K.P. Shama Shetty and Shubhavathi S. Shetty, Udupi.
  3. Canara Bank
  4. Corporation Bank
  5. Vijaya Bank
  6. The Karnataka Bank Ltd.
  7. Syndicate Bank
  8. Jindal Trust
  9. Vidyarthi Grantha Sanchayini
  10. U.G.C.
  11. Ninjoor Shama Shetty Memorial Book Bank

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